Our Mission

To assist leading corporations, property owners and facility managers in creating and sustaining competitive and functional parking assets.
Our consultative principals have significant experience navigating through the intricacies and challenges that are unique to parking across all related industries.


Kings County Parking Garage is a full service, self parking garage. The garage is open to the public, hospital employees, and visitors of Kings County, Downstate, and Kingsbrook hospitals.

The garage has over 500 spaces and is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It is located at 581 Clarkson Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. You can enter the garage from two locations: Clarkson Avenue about 700ft off of Albany Avenue and on Albany Avenue between Winthrop Avenue and Clarkson Avenue. After parking at the garage you will be able to pay at one of our convenient pay stations located on Level 1 of the garage before returning to your vehicle.

Payment for daily parking can be made by cash, credit card or debit card with a Visa, Discover, or MasterCard logo. The garage also has monthly rates available. Please call the office and request a low monthly rate.

(718) 245-5198